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Take me back,Thailand

Sunset in Phuket.


I have been loving summer for the past two years especially because every time I go back home from Canada I have the privilege to visit an island in Asia. “One island at a time.”- says my dad. Canada has been good to me, but every time I go back to Bangladesh, all I want to do is miss my return flight and run away to some island.

Hyperosmia and small regrets

Today was one of those days when the weather simply, effortlessly get to you. I commute 3 hours on a bus five days a week, and today was the worst kind of day to take a bus to the other part of the city. It would be cool to have a bridge from here to where my university is. Why I live so far away from the center of the city is a mystery to me as well. So as I was saying, I was stuck in traffic for the longest time, standing on the bus for almost the whole time. The bus was late, it was over-loaded as usual, and rain was pouring non-stop.

My experience became pretty unbearable when a man with intense body odour got on the bus and sat very close to me. I would change my seat but as I said, the bus was fully packed. I could not breathe and the Thai food from lunch was making me want to throw up. I could taste the tom yum soup once again. I immediately got off the bus in the middle of the road in a place called Quinpool, and went to do some grocery shopping for dinner. The next bus timing said 20 minutes so I bought a few vegetables and hurried to the bus stop. The bus never came. I was cold, shivering, and absolutely rain-soaked. I was waiting at the bus stop, seeing all these people walk past me. Some were crossing roads, some were running, some walking to and from the restaurants.They were all going somewhere, had some purpose, some kind of hurry; Whereas I was just waiting. My life had become still for some time, and theirs haven’t. I felt really helpless for some reason. I kept waiting for the bus to arrive. I began sneezing. I should have never gotten off the bus.

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